Excerpt from Darkness in Málaga

Malaga Featured Image

Chapter 1

“Don’t you dare touch me,” screamed Angelika in Spanish as she barged through the gymnasium door.  Her long, silky, blonde hair swirling as she ran down the school entrance steps. 

“Then stop running away from me,” said Mateo letting go of her shoulder. “I need to talk to you.” “I’ll miss my bus.” 

“Then catch the next one; this is important.” Angelika stopped and glared at him, breathing hard,  “what do you want?” 

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Spain, a magnet for immigrants and tourists but a smoking fuse for residents

There are over 300,000 British immigrants living in Spain, another million or so who own property here who pop back, and forth and last year over 80 million tourists visited her shores. Spain is now the second most visited country in the world. What attracts them and do the Spanish appreciate this relentless invasion?

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