The Andalusian Mystery Series is a humble attempt to meld the intrigue, twists, and turns of fictional stories with the seductive treasures of this beguiling country. The main characters: Leon Prado, Phillip Armitage, and Amanda Salisbury are drawn from an amalgam of real people. The guide, Nuestra España, started by Richard and Phillip in Darkness in Málaga, is a modern-day version of the German Magazine, ‘Die Postille,’ that I produced and published during my early years here.

However, the book series only scratches the surface of the wealth of personal and unique experiences that I’ve amassed during my travels. It spurred me to give life to the fictional guide. Hence Nuestra España Blog – For lovers of Spain.

There are many special places I have visited of which I have fond and often hilarious memories. No matter whether I was on my own or escorting one of the many groups I’ve had the privilege to accompany during my work as a Travel Director.

Off the beaten track wine tours, lunch in the weirdest locations, temporarily missing clients, Flamenco with wine tasting at nine o’clock in the morning, to name but barely a few.

The blog will include these and cover subjects such as travel, culture, food, wine, olive oil, flamenco, fiestas, and bullfighting. Much of the content will be my own work, but I’d be delighted to receive contributions in the form of articles, videos, photos, audio recordings, or podcasts from other authors, journalists, English language media, and tour guides who focus on Spain.

Any visitors who care to share their amusing, dramatic or just pleasurable experiences are also welcome. Please contact me with any appropriate offerings.

With travel being seriously disrupted thanks to the pandemic, we will have to enjoy Spain virtually.

For the foreseeable future, this blog can be your journey.