Amanda Salisbury

Now, 33 years old, Amanda was born in Annapolis, Maryland where her father was stationed at the US Naval Academy. He was posted to the shared Spanish USA base at Rota near Cadiz when Amanda was seven. Her mother was born in Washington DC but continued to remain close to her Moroccan origins teaching her daughter Arabic and French. Amanda attended the local school and gained a place at Madrid University for a Media Studies course. Her room mate was Salome Mendosa who went on to become one of Spain’s most popular Flamenco dancers.

Her video making skills developed to such a high quality that she was asked by CNN to provide them with a constant stream of films about Spanish culture. She loves her work, but the constant traveling meant that she found it difficult to sustain a long-term relationship and to fulfil her dream of having children. Meeting Phillip and pooling their resources into their Nuestra España guide helped to reduce her traveling and workload.

Her parents are now retired and live on a small farm just outside Carmona. She has her own apartment in Malaga center but now engaged to Phillip, they split their time spending weekends at his villa just outside Nerja.

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Darkness in Malaga Book Cover

Darkness in Malaga is the first book in the Andalusian Mystery Series

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